Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon (general)

Do you want to build a following but starting from scratch? This podcast will help

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This podcast shares the two key elements of the right mindset to have to build your network marketing business. Listen in as almost everyone struggles with rejection and the downturns of home business and this will help.

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Wanna know how we process and handle network marketing leads? Last month we got 2500 network marketing leads, this podcast shares how we handled them and how YOU can handle leads (and create more), feel free to rate and review if you get benefit from this audio!

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Inside this powerful podcast learn the exact script of what to say to someone you haven't seen in years to lead them to check out your business opportunity. Feel free to share!

This podcast will help you if you have already emailed some hypey and pitchy email to your warm market and how you can recover from that. Feel free to share with teammates!

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This will help you in your MLM recruiting as I teach you exactly, word for word, what to say to people that told you they would check out your company video but when you call them they haven't. I also answer the question on carrying business cards and if you should or not.

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Inside this podcast I share with you EXACTLY what to say to someone after they have seen your presentation. I even share with you exactly what to say if the prospect is negative and what to say if they are positive. Feel free to subscribe and tell your friends!

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Wanna know how we get so many views on our videos? This short podcast will help you and also teach you how YOU can get more views on all of your videos. Feel free to share this with your teammates or friends

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Wanna know my opinion on the top three things new network marketers should be doing? How about how I qualify to move prospects further toward signing up? We answer those two questions and one more in this powerful podcast, feel free to share with your teammates and be sure to subscribe to catch all the episodes!

When you are new to network marketing and the home business industry, should you focus your efforts on lead generation or on prospecting? Ray Higdon answers this question in today's podcast, enjoy the free training and be sure to rate and review!

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