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Today we answered two questions about building your home business. The first is from Mislav in Croatia and she asked about being 18 years old and wanting to build her home business but people treating her like she was too young. The second question came from Kristen in Naples and was about time management.

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Have you been in a bunch of home business opportunities but just never had success. When you approach your warm market do they throw rocks at you? Today I answer this question in this quick training on how to handle your MLM prospecting when your warm market is, well, not so warm =) Tell your friends about this new podcast and remember to hit me with your questions on Twitter, @rayhigdon and #askray

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This is a mindset training for the home business profits podcast. IF you want to build a serious home business you have to start with your mindset and today's episode will help you with the right way to channel your mind to get more benefit.

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Do you read books, attend webinars or events and take notes? If that is true, this short podcast will share how to use those notes to attract more people to you and make more money in your home business.

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