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Have a network marketing team and they sometimes get distracted by shiny object syndrome? Listen to this to help with personal and team issues around this topic

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Are you in network marketing and your spouse wants to beat your face in? lol, ok, maybe not that serious but this is my suggestion on what to do IF your spouse is non-supportive

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Ever feel motivated but lost it? This audio will help you find it, I also reference http://rayhigdon.com/freebook

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Are you in network marketing and wonder if you should be using your company name in your marketing? Listen in as I answer this question and give you my insight

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Are you in network marketing and struggling to get team duplication? Today's podcast will help!

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Super exciting announcement, for a very limited time you can get the book I mention in this podcast for Free, listen in for the details

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In network marketing and need help with how to approach someone about your opportunity or product? This podcast will help

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Are you an entrepreneur, have a big vision and wondering how to use it throughout the day? This will help

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Are you in network marketing, have a serving heart but struggle with how much time to invest in personal time supporting others, even people NOT on your own team? This will help

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In network marketing and wondering if you should do three way calls for your team when they are prospecting? Hear my take

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