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Today's question is what to name your website or blog, should you use your personal name or a company name or a concept? Listen in and feel free to share!

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Want to teach your kids about network marketing and residual income? This short podcast will help you with some suggestions.

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Wanna talk to strangers about your business, listen to this short podcast to learn how!

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Should you focus all efforts on online marketing to build your MLM business or does offline still play a role? Hear my opinion in this podcast.

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Should you build multiple streams of income? Are they a good or bad thing?

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Ever wonder when, if ever, you should hire a coach or mentor? Hear my straight talk on this subject in this podcast.

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Ever feel overwhelmed online or like you are doing a lot of work but not gaining anything? This podcast will help you become more efficient.

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This is for the person that creates content, generates leads and then wonders when to ask those leads to join their opportunity.

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Ever wonder if you should buy leads or not? This podcast gives you my opinion on the matter.

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One of my super powers is not getting upset when things don't go my way. Most people are addicted to the outcome of their prospecting and marketing and letting go of this will change their lives, listen in today and apply this knowledge!

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