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Planning on calling on existing network marketers that you do not know? This will help you in your approach with what to say and how to add value to your mlm leads.

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Listen in as I share how to get better results and talk about the two things most important for the results you are getting.

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Wanna hit up cold market? This podcast will help you with some tips

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Ever consider being a part of a mastermind or running your own? We run $50,000 and $15,000 masterminds and they have changed not only our lives but the lives of our clients. This audio will help you learn my best tips for them.

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MANY network marketers come into this profession and have no idea how to approach people so they do it all wrong and they find themselves in the NFL (no friends left) club, this podcast will help get you out of that and onto greener pastures.

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MOST people that are broke stay focused on their end results versus the one thing that could actually change those results, listen in and feel free to share

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Does your company have a "system" they suggest? Should you follow it? Listen in as I tackle this question

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When you reach a high level of success there WILL be people that treat you differently, here's how to cope with that

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Confused on how to invite people to check out your opportunity? This podcast will help you with that!

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If you want to close more of your prosects, these are my two biggest tips

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