Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon

Ever run a table at an expo, tradeshow or even a back table at an event and you try to get contact info from people but know you could do better? Listen in as I answer this dilemna and also give insight into how to go from 6 to 7 figures inside network marketing and even chat about what meditation I use =)

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Should you leave voicemails for your cold market? And, what is the difference between active MLM prospecting and passive marketing? These questions are answered in this home business podcast with Ray Higdon

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This podcast is to help you get more results with your MLM recruiting and prospecting. MANY times a prospect will go home to do their research and come back with "Google says it's a scam", this will teach you how to handle that objection and also what you should think about it.

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When building a home business there WILL Be times when you get frustrated and want to quit. Inside this short podcast you will learn my three tips on getting past frustration and excel in your home business. Feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit!

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Inside this podcast Ray Higdon shares the EXACT MLM Scripts he used when starting out. Learn what he said to his warm AND cold market when he was going for 20 no's a day! Feel free to share this with your teammates

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Moms are special and that is all I am wanting to convey in today's podcast. You just might get a kick out of it and in this episode we also announce the Mother's day winner of the iPad!

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This is a quick training on handling one of the more common MLM objections about product and shipping being too expensive. If you want to get more results in your MLM recruiting, listen to this podcast on how to overcome that objection. Feel free to share this with your teammates!

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Want more results in your MLM prospecting? This short podcast will help you learn how to qualify (and disqualify) prospects while maintaining your power and posture. Be sure to leave a review if you enjoy this!

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Today I answer the question "How do I come up with daily content?" If you struggle with content creation to build your list or audience, this podcast will help AND I introduce a new contest for you to win an iPad!

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Have you ever heard marketers talk about "providing value"? If you have and aren't EXACTLY sure what that means, listen in to this short podcast on exactly what is value and how to provide it to grow your home business.

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