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In this episode, Ray talks about how to think about money - and a few suggestions on how to develop a deeper understanding about where money comes from and how to attract more of it into your life.

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In the episode, Ray shares what to do when the people around you are doing things, or saying things that you don't agree with.

In this episode, I share a little CONFESSION and how to keep going even on days when you just don't feel like it.

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In this episode, I share a bit on how to teach your team culture & marketing (and how to lead by example)

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In this episode I share some morning thought-rituals that I say ever morning (in my head) that set the day up for success. Enjoy!

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Want to recruit more realtors? This will help

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IF you are actively prospecting you are sometimes going to get a voicemail or two. this shares what to say and when

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Most people have no idea what the main point is behind advertising so let me help you

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IF you want to grow, you WILL Have to make some tough decisions along the way, this will help

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If you crave success, this will help you an important part

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