Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon (general)

Struggling in network marketing or some other business? Maybe it is time to refresh your affirmations and turn this baby around! Listen to this podcast and feel free to share!

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Should you presure your friends and family members and ask them to do you a favor and become a customer of your network marketing business? Listen to my rather pointed opinion in this podcast

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Should new network marketers focus on promoting more than one company and or opportunity? Learn my thoughts on this topic as well as the difference between prospecting and marketing and how it fits in with the new network marketer.

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Would you like to know how to make money through email marketing? This quick podcast will help you out with some basics and also help you understand how attraction marketing works with sales pages and a blog.

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Want to lead and inspire your network marketing team without being a manager? This short podcast will help!

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This is a special podcast announcement of the details of our London event, if you are in or around the London area and a network marketer, let's meet up!

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Ever struggle with what to talk about online to attract and generate more leads? In this podcast I teach my ILT method that works easily to help you build your business.

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Ever wonder what to say when you want to recruit someone but they pitch you on THEIR network marketing opportunity? This podcast has a guest trainer that will help.

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Are you in a network marketing business and considering smacking a car magnet on your vehicle? In this home business training I share what to say on them and what NOT to say

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Are you getting MLM leads but unsure how to connect and close them? This home business training podcast will help you

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Struggle with staying focused while growing your network marketing business? This home business training podcast wil help you.

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As you build a a team you will build credibility with that team. There are lots of tools, products and courses out there to aid network marketers, should you avoid selling anyting to your team or are there certain things that make sense for all to have?

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In this podcast I share my standard morning routine that has helped me become a top earner in network marketing as well as a profitable blogger.

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Wanna get more of your teammates to network marketing company events? Listen to this short podcast to learn how!

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If you asrcibe to attraction marketing and believe in putting value in the marketplace, ever wonder when to actually sell your product? This podcast will help

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Are you generating MLM leads that are outside of your area? Should you plug them in to a local meeting or how should you handle them? This short podcast will help you

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Want to target a particular industry or occupation to get more leads and signups for your network marketing business? This short podcast will help

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If you are wanting to get more results in your network marketing recruiting or heck any sales for that matter, you must know the number one key to sales as I break it down in today's podcast

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Ever think that everyone in your town has heard of your network marketing opportunity? Listen to this podcast as I talk about local market saturation.

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Listen in today as I share the biggest obstacle to success and how you can knock it out

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Today's question is what to name your website or blog, should you use your personal name or a company name or a concept? Listen in and feel free to share!

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Want to teach your kids about network marketing and residual income? This short podcast will help you with some suggestions.

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Wanna talk to strangers about your business, listen to this short podcast to learn how!

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Should you focus all efforts on online marketing to build your MLM business or does offline still play a role? Hear my opinion in this podcast.

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Should you build multiple streams of income? Are they a good or bad thing?

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Ever wonder when, if ever, you should hire a coach or mentor? Hear my straight talk on this subject in this podcast.

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Ever feel overwhelmed online or like you are doing a lot of work but not gaining anything? This podcast will help you become more efficient.

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This is for the person that creates content, generates leads and then wonders when to ask those leads to join their opportunity.

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Ever wonder if you should buy leads or not? This podcast gives you my opinion on the matter.

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One of my super powers is not getting upset when things don't go my way. Most people are addicted to the outcome of their prospecting and marketing and letting go of this will change their lives, listen in today and apply this knowledge!

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In this podcast I share how I created my first content and how you can too. It also shares how often I did it and where I got the ideas.

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Planning on calling on existing network marketers that you do not know? This will help you in your approach with what to say and how to add value to your mlm leads.

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Listen in as I share how to get better results and talk about the two things most important for the results you are getting.

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Wanna hit up cold market? This podcast will help you with some tips

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Ever consider being a part of a mastermind or running your own? We run $50,000 and $15,000 masterminds and they have changed not only our lives but the lives of our clients. This audio will help you learn my best tips for them.

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MANY network marketers come into this profession and have no idea how to approach people so they do it all wrong and they find themselves in the NFL (no friends left) club, this podcast will help get you out of that and onto greener pastures.

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MOST people that are broke stay focused on their end results versus the one thing that could actually change those results, listen in and feel free to share

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Does your company have a "system" they suggest? Should you follow it? Listen in as I tackle this question

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When you reach a high level of success there WILL be people that treat you differently, here's how to cope with that

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Confused on how to invite people to check out your opportunity? This podcast will help you with that!

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If you want to close more of your prosects, these are my two biggest tips

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Friends and family members think you are part of a cult or a pyramid scheme? Here's my hard hitting advice for that exact topic

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http://www.RayHigdon.com - Wonder how to train new recruits or how much time to spend with them? This podcast will share my opinion and tips

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Confused on how to manage your prospects and follow ups, listen in as I share not only how I do it but also how my wife does it

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Considering branding yourself but you are brand new? This podcast will help you identify why you don't have to wait till you are a top earner to do better branding

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The home business profession has been amazing for my wife and I and today's message is all about helping you and inspiring you to go out and do great things

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Ever forgotten to follow up with someone, here's how to recove and also why YOU following up is so important

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Have facebook friends and an email list but no one is engaging? Listen to this short podcast to learn how to get more engagement

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Wanna get more of your teammates to your company events? This is a quick training on how to get more of your teammates to company events. Pack the events and you WILL pack your business!

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if you want to learn how to become a great upline, listen to this short audio on the topic.

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Do you ever have a prospect tell you that they like what you have but they don't want to bug their friends? This will teach you how to answer that objection powerfully

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Want to prospect strangers? Here's my best advice on the matter along with exactly what you can say to build rapport and get their information

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Are you talking to a lot of people but just not closing them? This short podcast will help!

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Wanna know how to get more referrals? I will tell you the two reasons people DON'T give them to you and how you can get more of them

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I was asked what would I do if I had to start over, here's my answer

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Are you in a network marketing company and the marketing from the company is terrible? This podcast shares my suggestions on what to do

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Ever have someone ask you how much money you are making? This podcast will help you overcome that question very easily AND in a super effective, non-defensive way, feel free to share this with others

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Do you want to recruit more reps and boost your abilty to prospect others for your network marketing business? Listen to this short podcast and feel free to share

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Should you use business cards or drop cards? Today I share why and also HOW to use them effectively

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Do you want to build a following but starting from scratch? This podcast will help

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This podcast shares the two key elements of the right mindset to have to build your network marketing business. Listen in as almost everyone struggles with rejection and the downturns of home business and this will help.

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Wanna know how we process and handle network marketing leads? Last month we got 2500 network marketing leads, this podcast shares how we handled them and how YOU can handle leads (and create more), feel free to rate and review if you get benefit from this audio!

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Inside this powerful podcast learn the exact script of what to say to someone you haven't seen in years to lead them to check out your business opportunity. Feel free to share!

This podcast will help you if you have already emailed some hypey and pitchy email to your warm market and how you can recover from that. Feel free to share with teammates!

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This will help you in your MLM recruiting as I teach you exactly, word for word, what to say to people that told you they would check out your company video but when you call them they haven't. I also answer the question on carrying business cards and if you should or not.

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Inside this podcast I share with you EXACTLY what to say to someone after they have seen your presentation. I even share with you exactly what to say if the prospect is negative and what to say if they are positive. Feel free to subscribe and tell your friends!

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Wanna know how we get so many views on our videos? This short podcast will help you and also teach you how YOU can get more views on all of your videos. Feel free to share this with your teammates or friends

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Wanna know my opinion on the top three things new network marketers should be doing? How about how I qualify to move prospects further toward signing up? We answer those two questions and one more in this powerful podcast, feel free to share with your teammates and be sure to subscribe to catch all the episodes!

When you are new to network marketing and the home business industry, should you focus your efforts on lead generation or on prospecting? Ray Higdon answers this question in today's podcast, enjoy the free training and be sure to rate and review!

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Are you serious about building a profitable network marketing business? Listen to this audio as I share where I got my MLM leads from when I was just starting and how I was able to get 20 no's a day. I also share a free resource where you will never run out of people again to talk to about your network marketing business. Feel free to subscribe and share

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Ever run a table at an expo, tradeshow or even a back table at an event and you try to get contact info from people but know you could do better? Listen in as I answer this dilemna and also give insight into how to go from 6 to 7 figures inside network marketing and even chat about what meditation I use =)

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Should you leave voicemails for your cold market? And, what is the difference between active MLM prospecting and passive marketing? These questions are answered in this home business podcast with Ray Higdon

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This podcast is to help you get more results with your MLM recruiting and prospecting. MANY times a prospect will go home to do their research and come back with "Google says it's a scam", this will teach you how to handle that objection and also what you should think about it.

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When building a home business there WILL Be times when you get frustrated and want to quit. Inside this short podcast you will learn my three tips on getting past frustration and excel in your home business. Feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit!

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Inside this podcast Ray Higdon shares the EXACT MLM Scripts he used when starting out. Learn what he said to his warm AND cold market when he was going for 20 no's a day! Feel free to share this with your teammates

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Moms are special and that is all I am wanting to convey in today's podcast. You just might get a kick out of it and in this episode we also announce the Mother's day winner of the iPad!

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This is a quick training on handling one of the more common MLM objections about product and shipping being too expensive. If you want to get more results in your MLM recruiting, listen to this podcast on how to overcome that objection. Feel free to share this with your teammates!

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Want more results in your MLM prospecting? This short podcast will help you learn how to qualify (and disqualify) prospects while maintaining your power and posture. Be sure to leave a review if you enjoy this!

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Today I answer the question "How do I come up with daily content?" If you struggle with content creation to build your list or audience, this podcast will help AND I introduce a new contest for you to win an iPad!

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Have you ever heard marketers talk about "providing value"? If you have and aren't EXACTLY sure what that means, listen in to this short podcast on exactly what is value and how to provide it to grow your home business.

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Today we answer Neil's question from Twitter on his hesitation to call people because he knows they will reject him. If you struggle to call people because you think you will just be rejected, this podcast will help you! Get more results in your MLM recruiting with this short audio

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In this podcast Ray Higdon answers what does it really take to create home business success. IF you are serious about building your home business, listen in on this passionate training.

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Today's questions that I tackle in this episide are How much does mindset matter in the success of your home business and when do you need a mentor or coach?

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Today we answered two questions about building your home business. The first is from Mislav in Croatia and she asked about being 18 years old and wanting to build her home business but people treating her like she was too young. The second question came from Kristen in Naples and was about time management.

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Have you been in a bunch of home business opportunities but just never had success. When you approach your warm market do they throw rocks at you? Today I answer this question in this quick training on how to handle your MLM prospecting when your warm market is, well, not so warm =) Tell your friends about this new podcast and remember to hit me with your questions on Twitter, @rayhigdon and #askray

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This is a mindset training for the home business profits podcast. IF you want to build a serious home business you have to start with your mindset and today's episode will help you with the right way to channel your mind to get more benefit.

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Do you read books, attend webinars or events and take notes? If that is true, this short podcast will share how to use those notes to attract more people to you and make more money in your home business.

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