Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon

Does your company have a "system" they suggest? Should you follow it? Listen in as I tackle this question

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When you reach a high level of success there WILL be people that treat you differently, here's how to cope with that

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Confused on how to invite people to check out your opportunity? This podcast will help you with that!

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If you want to close more of your prosects, these are my two biggest tips

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Friends and family members think you are part of a cult or a pyramid scheme? Here's my hard hitting advice for that exact topic

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http://www.RayHigdon.com - Wonder how to train new recruits or how much time to spend with them? This podcast will share my opinion and tips

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Confused on how to manage your prospects and follow ups, listen in as I share not only how I do it but also how my wife does it

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Considering branding yourself but you are brand new? This podcast will help you identify why you don't have to wait till you are a top earner to do better branding

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The home business profession has been amazing for my wife and I and today's message is all about helping you and inspiring you to go out and do great things

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Ever forgotten to follow up with someone, here's how to recove and also why YOU following up is so important

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