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Today we released video 4 of the Social Media Recruiting Series and this one is HOT, check it out at http://rayhigdon.com/pod and this podcast shares what it is all about

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http://rayhigdon.com/pod - Jessica Higdon shares more social media recruiting tips!

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Today we interview super leader J.H. and I think you will love it!

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Do you want more results with social media recruiting? This will help and also point you to more information

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We teach people to learn stuff and teach it in their own way but where do you fit in giving credit to your sources or should you and if so how? This will help

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If you are wanting to work with your significant other, here are some tips that may help you

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This shares my thoughts on how to think about you and your company, might help you to think bigger

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If you want to be more consistent in your life and efforts, this will help

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Here I talk about a concept around communication that has saved many relationships of mine and might help you

This is the fastest way to gain influence and position yourself as an authority, check it out!

When leading a team there are some thing that could help you that may be counter intuitive, they will still help you, here are some tips

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Want to make more money? These simple tips can help

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Ever wonder if you should focus on your Facebook profile or build a fan page? Something to consider even if you get more attention on your personal profile.

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If you want to make more money you probably need to change the way you think about it, this might help

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Several gurus glorify constant hustling or grinding, being a workaholic doesn't typically end well. This might help

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Are you worried about making mistakes and wasting your time? This podcast may help you out with understanding the relation

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Are you attempting to get results from social media in your network marketing business? There are some things you need to know, feel free to share this with teammates

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Not all of us have perfect family lives, today I share the story of me and My Dad and it may impact you and help you with your relationships

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Every single week a top earner in network marketing is reaching out to yours truly, but why? In this episode I share the big reason top earners reach out to me and how you can learn from that

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As entrepreneurs it is common to beat ourselves up, it isn't productive though and here is why and what to do

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If you want success there are two things that you may face that could beat you, this will help you get rid of them

We love to be different, today's episode shares a recent experience with a hotel that blew us away

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Videos are very effective to attract people to you, this teaches you a simple four step formula on creating them

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Some suggestions on generating leads through video, if you want more prospects to talk to, get them reaching out to YOU!

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This will help you to develop the right money mindset if you want true freedom in your life

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Recently saw an amazing must watch movie for entrepreneurs, check it out

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Do you struggle with perfectionism? Chances are it is costing you a lot of money and time, this might help

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Feel like you need more time in every day? This shares a secret source of time for entrepreneurs that might help you

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You can create a life you love, this short podcast may help

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What do you do when you have a problem? This will help you with coping and how to handle them

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Mindset audio on what you know vs. what you think you know and how to progress

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This is how to deal with tough times, hope it helps you!

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Sounds weird right? Truth is you may be giving your team TOO much time and actually causing a problem, hear what I mean by listening to this

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This is perfect if you feel overwhelmed, let me help you see the light..

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What is an E.L.F. business and why do you want one? Learn what I mean in this powerful podcast

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IF you want to crush it in any niche or profession, this is what I suggest as the very first step for your marketing

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Here are the two steps to living a better life, check em out

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If you want success, these two quick tips may help you out

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Here are three team building tips that will help you and your network marketing team

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Ever in a struggle and not sure what to do? This might help

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There is a magical email that you can send to even a dead email list that will get people reaching out to you like crazy, listen in and feel free to share

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Most people spend their life miserable attempting to prove all the things they are right about, this will help you see this and help you evolve

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Have a team or want a larger one? Learn the art of retention, this will help

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We study marketing a lot but there is one thing I study more, might help you

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Here are some tips to help you improve all of your relationships, enjoy!

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Ever wonder how often you should do videos or blog to attract people to you? This will help

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Want to change your life? There is always hope and this might help you

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Ever have someone discourage you, bash or hate on you? This will help with what to do and how to think

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What kind of expectations should you have with building your business? This might help

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This was a talk I had on Mother's Day on two special gifts for your Mom, might help you with having a better relationship with Mom and others

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If you want your life to be different, you are going to need to show up differently. Here's how to show up more boldly in your life

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Most have heard residual income but this might open your eyes

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Want a new life? This will share how to change ANY area of your life, feel free to share!

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There are so many options when it comes to marketing, what should you do and how many different strategies should you start with? This will help

Want to approach and prospect your warm market but not sure what to say? This will help

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In a job but want to go full time with your home business? This should help!

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Ever have a prospect tell you they don't have the money to join? Usually this is a lie but here is exactly what to say

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If you want to reach all of your goals there are certain ways to help you do that, this will help

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If you would like to know the first steps I took to get from foreclosure to my first $10,000 month, here they are!

If you are in network marketing you want to learn how to grow a team and this tip will help you

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Ever connect with a prospect but wonder when to pitch yourcompany or opportunity? This will help

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Want to learn how to market your MLM to attract people to you?This will help

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If you want to make more money, it sometimes happens with you changing the way you think about making money, this should help

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My wife and I share how to have a great relationship, you might like this if you want to have a closer and stronger relationship with your significant other

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Do you know people that hate MLM? Would you like to know how to sign them up anyway? Here's how

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You would get more sales if you had more credibility with your prospects, this will show you how

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Do you invest in self improvement and are serious about your education? This will help you with converting that knowledge to actual money

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Do you want to win? These four steps will help you get there no matter where you are

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Today we talk about attending company events, feel free to share with others!

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Are you a blogger or want to be? Listen in as I answer some of our member questions

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If you are new to network marketing, this will share what training I suggest

If you are on tight budget, here are my suggestions on how to build anyway

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Here are my top 3 book suggestions, enjoy!

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Considering blogging but not sure what to do? This will help

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Tough subject of how to build a network marketing business if you struggle with a disability

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Building your business and wondering when you should hire or outsource? This will help

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If you have ever felt like NOT doing the work, this will help

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If you are in sales and hate the idea of having to be pushy, this will help

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In network marketing and want to start generating leads but are uncomfortable? This might help

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In network marketing and dealing with excuse makers for prospects or teammates? This will help

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Are you wondering what MLM is best for you? This will help

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Should you attend your network marketing company event? My answer and why

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Right now I am reading a great book that if you are a business owner, you should read too!

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Ray Higdon shares how to build your mental strength, feel free to share

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Ray Higdon shares what type of videos to start with as a new marketer

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Ray Higdon shares where to find prospects for your sales or network marketing business

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Ray Higdon answers some online marketing questions from his private blogging association members http://rayhigdon.com/rhpba

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Here's me answering questions from my mastermind group around marketing and network marketing

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Should you join a local team or should you locate the perfect upline? This will help

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Today is a special podcast where I answer multiple questions from our mastermind clients

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Do you have more than one idea you are marketing or blogging for? How can you combine them in one blog or site? This will help

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Have downline members that are doing things that aren't exactly the way they should? This will help you to help them

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Every Friday we do a free coaching friday, here is how to join us live!

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Today is a special podcast where I share my answers to a few of my mastermind clients, some deep knowledge in here

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Today I share how to get me to give you free coaching

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Today we got asked what our mission statement was, listen in and learn what it is and what we consider important

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Are you a marketer and would love to approach leaders to get interviews with? Here is exactly what to say and do

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In network marketing and wanting to talk only about the product? This will help

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Is offline networking obsolete? Should everyone be internet marketers?

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Want to start blogging but just cannot think of what topics to talk about? This will help

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