Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon

Ever forgotten to follow up with someone, here's how to recove and also why YOU following up is so important

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Have facebook friends and an email list but no one is engaging? Listen to this short podcast to learn how to get more engagement

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Wanna get more of your teammates to your company events? This is a quick training on how to get more of your teammates to company events. Pack the events and you WILL pack your business!

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if you want to learn how to become a great upline, listen to this short audio on the topic.

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Do you ever have a prospect tell you that they like what you have but they don't want to bug their friends? This will teach you how to answer that objection powerfully

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Want to prospect strangers? Here's my best advice on the matter along with exactly what you can say to build rapport and get their information

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Are you talking to a lot of people but just not closing them? This short podcast will help!

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Wanna know how to get more referrals? I will tell you the two reasons people DON'T give them to you and how you can get more of them

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I was asked what would I do if I had to start over, here's my answer

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Are you in a network marketing company and the marketing from the company is terrible? This podcast shares my suggestions on what to do

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